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My name is Icahn Saelao (eye-khan; say-lao)

(he/his/him) and I am an Asian American counselor/therapist living and practicing in Portland, Oregon. I have been working within the field of community mental health for the last 4 years and practicing as a counselor for the last 6 years, where I worked with a wide spectrum of mental health that includes depression and anxiety. Prior to that I have been working with married couples and partnerships. I provide counseling for people of color, expats, men, women, and gender noncomforming individuals in addition to couples, partnerships, and friends. Common issues that I treat include men's depression/anxiety, gaining greater insight on regulating and expressing emotion, modifying attachment styles in adulthood, and reigniting fondness and admiration. I also continue to research and confront online dating as a social microcosm. 


Committing to therapy or a therapist can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. It is important to me as a clinician, as a person of color, as a human with an uncommon name to reflect and accept the uniqueness of people's individuality and experiences free from judgment.


Forming solid and transparent relationships is at the heart of what I do. I think it is important that you feel that I can relate to you and the things that stress you out; part of that comes down to understanding who I am and what it might be like to sit in a room with me. In a session, I often balance having a dynamic presence in the room with a quiet introspection and guidance towards taking action. You can expect that if we were to do therapy together, that some of what you will experience runs the gamut of vulnerability, instruction and education, acceptance, introspection, and curiosity - with a dash of humor and lightness. 

I recognize that counseling and therapy may not seem the solution to some of your problems, or necessarily how you want to go about solving them. However, I encourage those interested in getting some feedback or anyone interested in working through your struggle to consult with me. I recognize that there are systematic flaws that continue to marginalize and create barriers for those groups in getting help. Because of that, I treat couples through using Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory; while using primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I offer fair rates for 60 minute sessions (80$/hour) as well as sliding scale slots for those in financial burden. Feel free to reach out to ask about those rates.